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Clipper® Laundry Patch Fasteners Speed Maintenance Time

Clipper® Laundry Patch




Conveying laundry


Clipper® Laundry Patch Fasteners


Reduce downtime, speed maintenance
Conveyor Detail
48 mm wide cotton laundry tapes


A European company specializing in the laundry business was joining laundry tapes with a process that required toxic binder and thinner, which was unhealthy for its workers. Time was also a concern as the laundry tapes needed several hours to dry before fasteners could even be installed.


The Clipper® Laundry Patch Fastening System utilizes a two-step process of binding and cooling that is completed in a matter of seconds, which saves time, eliminates the need for storage while drying, and does not generate noxious fumes. The hooks are integrated into a patch material that is lined with an adhesive. During the fastener application process, the heated jaws of the installation tool heats the adhesive, causing it to melt and permeate into the laundry tapes to bind the fibers. Once cooled, a strong, long-lasting splice is achieved with the patch partially covering the fasteners to keep the fasteners from snagging the linens.


The installation of the fasteners on the small laundry tapes is done quicker without the use of toxic binder and thinner. The splice is very strong and durable, and as an added benefit, the fasteners are covered by the patch material. The hooks were custom-ordered with their logo printed on the patch, which was also a plus for the laundering company.

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  • Clipper® Laundry Patch Fastening System


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