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Flexco® Staple Fastening System

  • Staple Splice
  • Staple Pulley

Flexco® Staple Fastening System

The Flexco® Staple Fastening System is ideal for mining operations that prefer a reliable, narrow-looped staple splice.

Why Staple?

  • Mechanical fastener rating up to 800 PIW (140 kN/m)
  • Belts from 7/32” to 9/16” (6 mm to 14 mm) thick
  • Pulley diameters from 9” to 12” (225 mm to 300 mm)
  • Works with plied rubber and PVC belting
  • Beveled edges and recessed staple pockets deliver a low-profile splice that is belt component compatible
  • Available in steel and stainless steel
  • Fast, accurate installation with FST installation tool and built-in belt stops

Installation Method

  • Portable tooling
  • Hand installation 
  • Fasteners

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How Flexco® Staple Fasteners Work

The deep, recessed staple pockets of the Flexco® Staple Fastener provide a smooth profile and protect the stainless steel staples of the fastener. Beveling at the edge of the fastener plates gives the system a smooth, flat, low-profile splice. The fasteners are engineered to provide different lengths of reach-back based on thickness and belt fastener rating. The narrow plate, single loop fastener design allows for easy troughing and smooth flexing at the troughing junctures. The patented, built-in belt stops ensure accurate fastener installation without the use of a gauge win.


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