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Flexco U-Type® Secondary Cleaner Decreases Carryback, Increases Uptime at Glass Bottle Facility

U-Type® Secondary Cleaner




Recycling conveyor


U-Type® Secondary Cleaner with C-tip Blade


Reduce carryback on return side catch pans and return rollers
Decrease downtime and maintenance costs

Conveyor Detail

Black SBR, 3-ply 330 belt


The recycling belt at a facility that produces glass bottles relies on capturing the cullet (broken glass) to make new products, and the moment the glass hits the ground, it cannot be used. The homemade brush cleaners were not doing the job, resulting in wasted product and dedicated maintenance time to clean up the dangerous mess. Once a month cleaner brush changes and monthly housekeeping took 2-4 hours at a time and product loss tallied in the thousands.


Thanks to a visit from the Flexco mobile showroom, the local distributor knew that the U-Type® Secondary Cleaner was the right choice for the job. The high-efficiency cleaner was equipped with C-tips and was mounted inside the chute, close to the head pulley. This placement was suggested to not only reduce the waste of the product, but to also reduce the cleanup and maintenance costs.


It didn’t take long for the operations manager to see results. Product loss was greatly reduced, saving the company thousands of dollars, and maintenance time and manpower were cut drastically. By all accounts, the U-Type paid for itself in less than two weeks. The operations manager is so pleased with the results that he has ordered additional cleaners for other conveyors that are experiencing similar problems, and plans to install cleaners on all the facility’s cullet conveyors.

Product Group

  • Belt Cleaning Systems

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  • U-Type® Secondary Cleaner


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