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product Calculators

Use the simple calculator tools below to determine requirements for your application. Please note, these tools are to be used for general guidance only. For exact specifications, please contact your local Flexco Representative.


Heavy Duty Mechanical Belt Fastener Selection Calculator

Choosing the proper mechanical belt fastener is one of the most important steps in splicing a belt. Enter belt tension rating, minimum pulley diameter, and belt thickness to ensure you are using the correct fastener for your operation.

HD MBF Calculator

Cleaner Selection Calculator

Several different factors should be considered when specifying a cleaner, including belt width, speed, splice type, moisture content, and more. Use our Cleaner Calculator to ensure you’re choosing the right cleaner for your application. 

Cleaner Calculator

XYC Calculator

Use our XYC Calculator when installing a cleaner on your head pulley. This tool helps you adjust the cleaner location quickly and easily if our recommended XYC coordinates will not work. Select either H-Type or the XYC tab to access our full line of cleaners.

XYC Calculator

Lagging Calculator

Selecting the correct lagging for your application is easy with our Lagging Calculator. Simply choose the type and enter the dimensions in metric or imperial to calculate the number of strips or rolls required. 

Lagging Calculator

Impact Bed Calculator

Belt damage and spillage are just two of the consequences of choosing the wrong impact protection in your load zone. Our Impact Bed Calculator can help you make the right decisions for your application. 

Impact Bed Calculator

Segmented Transfer Plate Selection Calculator

Enter your application specifics to specify and select STPs to fit your transfer points.

STP Calculator