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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the best Hinge Pin for my application?

Flexco offers connecting pins in a variety of materials, including:

Nylosteel: Used frequently with galvanized hooks.

Nylostainless: Frequently used with stainless hooks for food handling applications. Coating is FDA approved.

Nylon-Covered Stainless Cable: Its flexibility makes it excellent for troughing and crowned pulley applications.Coating is FDA approved.

Music Wire: Ideal for applications requiring frequent removal of connecting pin and high temperature applications.

Cold-Rolled Steel: Used in high temperature applications. Available notched or smooth. Notched reduces pin migration. Solid steel pin, no coating.

Stainless Steel: Used in food processing and hightemperature applications. Available notched or smooth. Notched reduces pin migration. Solid stainless pin, no coating.

Duralink™: Excellent for highly abrasive and abusive applications, and to achieve extended pin life.

Bare Stainless Cable: Used in high-temperature applications where a flexible pin is desired.

DuraStainless™: Excellent for highly abrasive and abusive applications, and to achieve extended pin life.

Nylon Plus: Versatile white/clear solid nylon material for most applications requiring a non-magnetic or nonmetallic pin.

Connecting Pin Types Abbreviation Pin Wear Factor Hook Wear Factor Rigidity Magnetic Flexibility Composition
Nylosteel NY Good Good Good Yes Good Nylon & music wire
Nylon-Covered Stainless Cable NYS Good Good Good Slightly Good Nylon & 300SS spring wire
Nylostainless NCS Good Good Average Slightly Good Nylon & 300SS cable
Music Wire MW Good Poor Excellent Yes Poor High-carbon spring- tempered steel
Cold-Rolled Steel Smooth - SM Notched - N Average Fair Excellent Yes Fair to Poor Mild cold-rolled steel
Stainless Steel Smooth - SMS Notched - NS Average Fair Excellent Slightly Fair to Poor 302 or 300
stainless steel
Duralink DL Excellent Excellent Average Slightly Good Wear-resistant nylon & 300SS cable
Bare Stainless Cable SMSC Average Fair Average Slightly Good 300SS cable
DuraStainless DSS Excellent Excellent Good Slightly Good Wear resistant nylon & 300SS spring wire
Nylon Plus NP Good Excellent Fair No Excellent Nylon