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Flexco Introduces New Modular Impact Beds

Modular Impact BedsFlexco recently announced the addition of Modular Impact Beds to its line of load zone solutions. Engineered with maximum capacity in mind, while ensuring full containment, the modular beds are designed with universal components that offer effective and affordable load zone protection.

The new Modular Impact Beds feature a 2’ (600 mm) sectional design, which allows the user to choose the layout of their load zone, depending on application-specific performance requirements.  

“Users can choose to use an all-bar section for high-impact areas, or a slider impact section, where lower impact resistance or sealing is required,” Kevin Fales, product manager at Flexco, said. “And when both styles are combined, users can achieve ultimate performance in the load zone.”

Along with offering total design control in the load zone, the new Modular Impact Beds can also be paired side-by-side with each other to match specific load zone lengths and requirements. 

The Modular Impact Beds feature slide-out service in three pieces, offering service to each section right at the conveyor, complete with long-lasting 1” (25 mm) UHMW bars that are designed for use on reversing belts. 

Universal components and field-adjustable trough angles reduce lead time and make the Modular Impact Beds easier to service.

For more information on Modular Impact Beds or the full line of load zone solutions from Flexco, log on to www.flexco.com.


Published Date

August 17, 2017

Product Group

  • Impact Beds and Skirting Systems