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Belt Cutters

  • Cordless EBC
  • 900 Belt Cutter
  • Curbed Belt Cutter
  • 14inch belt cutter
  • NO25 tape cutter
  • 940 Belt Cutter

A properly squared belt discourages mistracking and splice failure, so utilizing a belt cutter that provides a straight cut is paramount to the splicing process. Flexco Belt Cutters minimize the danger of accidental injury during the belt cutting process.

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  • Portable
  • Straighter, faster cuts
  • Safer than utility knives - Operators are protected from cutting edge of blades during operation.
  • Accurate, consistent cuts
  • Manual, electric, and cordless electric available
  • Options available for a variety of belt types and widths

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When standard products just won't do.
Flexco Mineline® products are designed and engineered to work in some of the toughest applications in the world that test the strength and durability of your conveyor system. Products carrying the Mineline® name are proven to work — even where other products have failed.