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What we dO: 
Right MATERIAL TRANSFER Solution for Each ApplicatioN

Every chute conveyor application merits different needs. At Flexco, we've developed a chute design calculation process to evaluate and recommend the best solution for your particular application. From the simplest projects through the most complex, we follow the necessary steps to ensure we've asked the right questions to get you the material transfer solution you need.

STEP 1: Assessment

By fully evaluating your situation and defining success, Flexco gains a clear understanding of your needs and expectations. This assessment includes several variables:

  • Operational requirements
  • Material properties
  • Conveyor layout
  • Drop height or headroom
  • Belt width and speed

Transfer Chute Assessment

STEP 2: Proposal

With preliminary data and a thorough material assessment, Flexco will develop the recommended solution.

STEP 3: Project Initiation

Upon receipt of order, Flexco sends out a team of engineers to your site for a detailed evaluation and field survey, ensuring smooth installation and commissioning.

Transfer Chute Project

STEP 4: Design

Flexco applies over 30 years of chute design experience and research to determine the ideal flow path for each solution, selecting the right liner that optimizes wear life while ensuring safety and trouble-free operations.

STEP 5: Design Review

Flexco reviews the 3D solid model’s design and operational needs with you to confirm expectations for form, fit, and function.

Transfer Chute Design

STEP 6: Manufacturing

Flexco oversees the complete transfer chute manufacturing operation to our stringent time-proven standards, ensuring the material transfer solution designed is the same one that is delivered.

STEP 7: Installation & Commissioning

Flexco provide installation resources or work with your local installers to ensure all conveyor transfer chute elements perform as expected. The Flexco team remains at-the-ready to answer any questions or concerns.

Transfer Chute Installation

STEP 8: Follow Up

Flexco remains committed to complete customer satisfaction beyond commissioning. We put our name on your conveyor transfer chute solution and we are only satisfied when you are satisfied.

CoNNect with Flexco Experts

Discover why customers around the world trust Flexco to assess their belt conveyor systems and increase their productivity. Schedule an assessment of your transfer system or talk to a Flexco expert about your needs.


Material Transfer Science

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Industry Expertise

For materials like coal, metallic ores, fertilizers, biomass, grains, and everything in between, Flexco has the expertise to help design and apply a solution that is right for your industry. See examples of our work with a variety of industries and materials.

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